x-mas almost hereeee

O.m.g. Christmas is like 3 days away, God that was fast....really too fast for me.
Anyways this week, theres cleaning, cooking, and presents yay. Oh and potentially cursing out Mr. Mora. ^.^ fun fun. Anyway, Update...

Two fridays ago, It has been that long yes... lol. I did my friend Mari's makeup and hair, she looks soooo purrrttyyy. ^.^

And last week Tuesday, I think it was tuesday...was my birthday my 21st birthday, hence why I've been m.i.a. I've been drinking and doing drugs, yay fun fun lmao. House says it best..."Yes I'm an addict, No I dont have a problem. I love it lets me function." ^.^ Words I live by.

What else have I been up too...not making videos obviously, I just made one today but I dont know if I'll post it up or not.

thats all I feel like talking about today...Im sooo flipping bored. lol.


Hey guys, so many posts today lol. I'm going to make a video on my Eyeko products and coastal scents, but also...The Dark Knight. Since my dvd reviews get the most views lol. But anyway this is a bit of a tutorial i guess. ^.^ With pix.

Used: 88 shimmer palette.
Colors- 2nd row ( 1st two yellows) & the black.
1st row- 4th color for highlight.

add the yellow onto the first half of the lid, and the black on the last half, blending the two. Taking the black into the crease cutting the crease.

Hope you liked. Tell me what you think. ^.^

Eyeko ^.^

Hey guys, I think in the last video I posted I went on a little about some Eyeko products and a discount for you guys, which is E130. You get 15% off of your purchase for your Eyeko products. Well they sent me two products to test out, Eyeko tinted eye Cream and their infamous fat balm. I had the chance to try these two products out. And I absolute love them, now I'm honest to the core so if I hated would know. I don't play lol. But I really do like them so far.

I will update you on the eyecream by tomorrow or a week or so, I'll use it daily and tell you guys. But i did put some on, and I like the sheen it gives, it makes your skin feel soft and it gives a really nice glow.

I want the original to compare and contrast. Cherry culture has these products for $12, has these products for 5 euro, which converted in U.S. dollars comes to $6.51.


I got that from msn currency converter so yea. That is not bad at all. Cherry culture sucks, and honestly...there are better places to order from. That have better customer service, faster shipping, and cheaper buys. Don't let the .99 cent roller ball lip gloss fool you.

Pros: Cute packaging,nice glow, not overly tinted blends into your skin.

Cons: None so far...I'll post an update in a week or so.

Fatbalm (minty)

Pros: Nice minty feel, soft lips, nice iridescent pink shimmer, a good amount of product, doesn't chap lips, cute packaging.

Cons: from the pix i thought it was a "fatter" product.

So yea, get some eyeko... they are worth it. loveee it.

Coastal Scents Palette

Hey guys, I got the new palette from CS today, yay. The 88 shimmer matte palette. ITs sooooo pretty, but...soooo powdery.

Pros: very pigmented colors, shimmery (not over powering)
Cons: Too powdery, lots and lots of fallout, and one of the shadows came out...(how fucked up is that man.)

Overall I love the palette, but it could be better. I'm still a mac girl at heart, but I love it anyway. For the time being its a nice palette for those of us that are broke lol.

Also I received the 10 piece blush palette, those are so freakin nice. They look a whole lot better than they do in the picture. LOOOOVE them.

Pros: Very pigmented, they have both shimmery and matte.
Cons: Very small- I thought they were at least a little bigger.

I did a couple of looks with it on Natasha and myself, tell me if you guys like. ^.^

November Favorites ^.^

Finally edited and uploaded the video. My Nov. favs in cosmetics, yay. Lots of goodies I tried and loved so YAy for that. I did many returns on my big Napoleon Perdis haul, because it was.. not what I expected it to be. And it was very dirty like it was used, so quite disappointed there. Since its like almost time for me to sleep, I've been up and around ALLL day. I'll make this quick.
List of all my stuff in the vid.

Smashbox Primer (original)
Maybelline Mineral powder foundation
SO Ceylon MSF
Too Faced retractable Kabuki Brush

NYX Trio {purple, deep purple, prune}
Silverwear & Shadowy lady e/s
Too Faced shadow insurance
Urban Decay 24/7 e/l {zero}
mac Mystery powerpoint e/l
Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara (An underrated mascara, it is a great mascara.)
Groundwork p/p

Nymphette l/g
cultfave l/g
gleam l/s
quiet,please l/s
NYX natural l/l
Date Night dazzleglass

Thatsss it ^.^ Later guys. Thanks for checking out my blog and vids.

Why so Blue?

My friend was over and of course I played with her makeup, because that's what we do when we're bored lol. But anyway, she loved it. She likes the color blue, she loves pink more, but she loves blue shadow...can anyone say the '80s. lol

Products used were mainly mac unless otherwise noted.

Sea and Sky Duo (both sides)
Rubenesque paint pot
Too Faced starnova
Fashion Fair palette ( light blue & shimmery ivory{highlight})
elf liquid liner

My cat- Lestat is a he loves her!

Birthday / Holiday look

Hey guys whats up ^.^
This is my take on Lady GaGa's look in her video Poker Face. I'm totally obsessed with that song, so it's only right I would try my hand at recreating the look. I added a bit of my own touch. In the video she had mainly just a silver lid, and false lashes. I added a bit of a shimmery grey (knight- veluxe pearl) in my crease and I added no false lashes, but for my birthday I will be putting some on.

I figure this would be my first holiday look as well, It's uber cold in NY so a snowy white look is pretty cool I think. That was my whole theme for my not so anticipated birthday coming up on Dec. 16. I'm going out with the girls and I wanted a nice wintery white look, so I wanted "sugarrimmed" dazzleglass, I think it would've gone great with this look and the whole concept. And this gives off that wintery white look, especially on my dark skintone.
Tell me what you guys think, all comments are welcome, I want to know if you guys like it or even if you dont like it. Let me know ^.^ Hugs....

P.s. I am realllly not looking forward to my birthday this year. -.-

NYX Haul

'Ello, I've got a haul. Some nyx products mostly the lipsticks. I ordered them from nonpareil boutique. Love fast, better than cherry culture, so much better. And the customer service is amazing compared to...cherry culture, god do i hate them. But i have to order something from them because the dickheads could not just SIMPLY give me my money back. What do you guys think I should get? Any suggestions???

Anyway, The lipsticks, love them. I got 11 of them plus one nyx pigment and nonpareil sent me free eyelashes as a gift YAY.

I'll be doing a video on them tomorrow, talking about each one, because I did get to try out each one. Very pigmented and creamy. Love them, HATE the smell. I'm not use to my lipstick smelling like that it was weird, don't like it. I also got two of the lip glosses. I got it in Vamp red (Which I gave to my mum.) and Sand dune. They are very pigmented, But the smell is sooo bad. IT smells like lemon air freshener, I hate that. But other than that annoying little bit, they are nice. The stoppers have not come off like so many reviews I have seen, so that's good.

For the lipsticks I got: Athena, Thalia, Heather, Aphrodite (My fav. I wear it with Star Nova Luster glass)Ceto, Circe, Summer Love, Indian pink, Decadent (for my mum), Brown sugar (also for my mum) and Clio. As for the pigment I got it in silver, I wanted to do a look with it. It's very shimmery, but pretty.

Costco 2008 Brush Set

Yea I know I'm a bit late with this review, but aw well better late than never. I got the set probably about a week and a half ago, and I loves it. It's really a nice set and it makes a really nice x-mas gift. It's inexpensive and with this economy that is the best word anyone can use this holiday.

This set comes with 10 brushes: Powder, foundation, duo-fiber, eyeshadow, blending, eyeliner, smudger, dual spoolie and angled brush, and Kabuki (face and body brush.

The stars of this brush set are the Powder and the Kabuki. They are the softest brushes, they feel so nice on the face, it's amazing. Watch my video for a more in depth look.

They are synthetic fibers, not tested on animals, bla bla. You know the deal. The design is pretty cute, white handle much like the elf white handle...has the same feel too. Rhinestone (which may come off after extended use.)

My least favs are the smudger, the eyeshadow brush and the blending brush...I just feel they could have been better. But that's just my personal opinion. For the smudger its just a rubber tip and it feels really bad on the eye, it kind of hurts a bit, I prefer a smudger that has bristles. The eyeshadow brush feels like a concealer brush, I reallly don't like it. The blending brush is a bit harsh on the eye as tickles. I'll stick with my 224.

Other than that it was a nice kit.BTW these brushes are limited edition ^.^

Elf Haul & Review

I just got my package from elf-y. Which arrived rather quickly. When I ordered from them before it took about 2 weeks, and they're in Jersey...I'm in New York...should not take that long. This time, it took a couple of days, so hopefully they are improving on their shipping.
Professional Brush Collection.
I did not purchase the entire collection which retails at $30. I did however get the Powder brush, complexion brush, angled brush, and eyeshadow "c" brush.

Powder Brush: Pros- Velvety soft, picks up color well, not too big or small. Cons- the bristles are not cut straight.

Complexion Brush- Pros- Soft, picks up color well. Cons- Sheds a little bit, flat.

Eyeshadow "c" Brush: Pros- Soft, picks up color well, distributes and packs on the color rather well. Cons-...none.

I really like this line, elf has improved upon their products. But as I've heard in various reviews the item varies. So one may be soft and one may not be, hopefully that's not the case with this. I really did enjoy trying out these brushes.

Also I received my Costco 2008 brush set, it retails at $21, that's not including tax. So go pick up yours quick. They are limited edition. The powder and the Kabuki are the stars of this brush set, they feel like fur, they are so soft it's sinful. lol.
Watch my youtube video that I uploaded, I go in detail about the Elf brushes, and tomorrow I shall upload my costco brush set review. As I am lazy and I'm hating editing, I can not wait until I get my laptop.