Im on VACA...

Hey my lovelys Ive been on vacation for about a week now. I come back on Tuesday.
I hope everyone's thanksgiving was nice, ^.^
I was in florida for thanksgiving, then I went to Nassau Bahamas, then Freeport Bahamas.
I've been on Carnival Dream cruise ship, it's ok. Not that great, but it's ok.
The Bahamas was alright, Antigua is better. Lol. Sorry but it is, nicer people in Antigua, and the beaches are better in antigua as well. In the Bahamas it's way too westernized. The Atlantis hotel is a sight to see though, the architecture is amazing and the aquarium, but other than that its not that great.
The spas on the ship are really nice, hmmm whatelse...
The food sucks, lol its mediocre. The food used to be better. Over all I think Royal Caribbean ships are better.
I tried to see if I could upload any photos, Its not working. SO when I get back I'll post a bunch for you guys. See you guys next week. KIssses my lovelys. lol.


Sugar Bunnie said...

glad your back
lol westernize, thats because you went to the cities (nassau and freeport) their are tons of islands you didnt visit.

oxmalignkissesxo said...

Lol i guess, but in Antigua ships dock in the town of St Johns, and that is not as westernized as Nassau. Theres still some type of cultural aspect, and I think that's what I missed out on at Nassau and freeport, even if its the city its the caribbean, some type of cultural aspect is supposed to be impacted der. And I think they lost their way a bit, i mean their one supposedly famous food choice tastes HORRIBLE. Im not only saying Antigua is great dont get me wrong I love Aruba and St Lucia the USVI etc. etc.

Anonymous said...