Been busy

Hey, my lovelys. Who ever reads this...uh hmm.
I've been m.i.a. why? been sick sick sick, yay fun. Um yeaa. lol
So obama won WHOOOOOOOT, so happy so happy. Sorry to all the republicans that want to jump off their roof right now, too bad
get over it, we had to deal with 8 years of authoritarianism, so deal with it. ^.^
So yea I have some new pixxies...and yea. Som
e major hauls, major major hauls. You guys can catch out my youtube, I'm going to make a collective haul video when i get my cherry culture shipment and sephora and mac shipments.
As for blog purposes, my life sucks and I want to kill some people but thats a crime Can not do that, and I'm black...ha, the police aren't so keen on people of my color. hmm. But anyway that's another top
ic for another day and another blog.
Peace outs.
Purple Look >>
I do believe this is my Election day look, it looks purple on cam, but believe me it was silver on the inner corner, a brown on the whole lid, a red lined on the lash line, and dark blue in the crease.>>
Neutral Look>>

Lighter smoky purple look >>