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What I'm Using Right Now Tag

I was reading Fafinette's blog, and she had this tag, it looked fun so I figure I'd do it ^.^


Shampoo: My Hair stylist does it ^.^ lol 
She uses SOOO many different things, no IDEA

Conditioner: Leave in Conditioner 


Body Wash: Philosophy Fudge Cake Cleanser, Victoria Secrets Amber ROmance Cleanser. 

Body Lotion: V.S. Amber Romance, V.S. moorea passion fruit, peony body lotion, etc. etc. 

Body Mists: Amber Romance (hmm fav. scent maybe), Juicy Couture, V.S. Touch me gently, etc. etc.

Deodorant: Donna Karen Cashmere Mist


Makeup Remover: Baby Wipes, or Cleanser

CLeanser: Avon 

Exfoliator: Avon 

Mask: Avon, Clinque 


Primer: Smashbox (for now)

Concealer: MAc Studio Sculpt NW 45 for blemishes & Moisture cover in NW 40 or 35

Foundation: Mineralized Skinfinish NW 45, VIncent Longo Sienna, 

Powder: Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Deep Dark

Blush: X-Rocks (Neo Sci Fi), Nars Sin, HK Fun & Games, Petticoat MSF, COastal Scents, etc.

Bronzer: So Ceylon, sometimes

Highlighter: Redhead MSF & Brunette MSF & Beligh

Eyebase: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (THE BESTTTT primer in the WORLD)

Eyeshadow: Satin Taupe (lid), 100 Stokes (outer lid) Top Knot (crease) Vellum (highlight)

Eyeliner: H.i.p. cream liner

Curler: (dont need to use it)

Mascara: Mac lash prep& prime, zoom lash & collosal lash maybelline

lipstick: mac Gleam (glaze), what a do, cute-ster

Lipgloss: tendertone, nars strip tease, nico, etc

Nail varnish: OpI dark purple (forgot the color lol) 

 I tagggggg: everyone that reads my blogger ^.^

Amelia - MUAHZZ

Product Review: Studio Sculpt Concealer

Product: Studio Sculpt Concealer
Rating: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Quality of Product: 9/10

Price: $16.50

Pros: The packaging, the consistency, blend-able, etc.

Cons: hmm cant think of any.

Notes: At first before trying out this concealer I had negative thoughts about it, I am more of a liquid concealer user, I prefer it because it is usually not oil based. So before purchasing this I thought it may be oil based. When i received the product, the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, LOVE IT. IT is so much better than the packaging for the studio finish concealer. And Unlike the studio finish concealer, it is much softer, gel like. When you dip your brush or if your one that loves to use their fingers by all means go ahead. The consistency is what makes this a grade A product. I love it. The reason I gave it a 9/10 for quality, is because I am a liquid concealer girl, so im not sure if it is oil based or not lol. It is longwearing, it lasted all day, so that definitely made me fall even more in love. I hate concealer, or any face product for that matter that gets patchy on the skin as the day goes on. SO overall I suggest purchasing it. ^.^

I will be doing a product review each week. Next week will probably be the foundation. ^.^

LOVEE You guys 


Lucky Tom

Lucky Tom is quite pretty. It was the palette I fell in love with since I saw the photos up on specktra. Well I did my first look with it today, tomorrow I think I'll do a look with my Too Dolly quad, I finally got that one. I really like it, its pretty.
Today I went to the CCO and they had the heatherette trio 1, yay,. I missed out on that entire collection mainly because Cesar broke my heart right around that time...and I was in the hospital every week practically after that. Yes I took it hard, I dont deal well with break ups, especially after 4 years and my fucking virginity. Men...I hate them sometimes.
But apart from my ranting, I did some damage, so bad so bad. But I like the stuff I purchased. I finally got a fluidline, even though it wasn't in blacktrack, it was a fluid line none the less. And Thanks to MsChellz on youtube, I went to this website that sells mac products for a cheaper price. All They are around CCO prices, SOME of the stuff. The brushes are fairly reduced, could be lower, but hey. The lip products are really down, etc. etc. Check out the site for yourselves.
I got two brushes that I really wanted the 150 powder brush and the 168 I think it is, which is the angled contour brush. And then I got the nars holiday eyeshadow palette, and some other stuff you guys will see when it gets here. And thanks to julieg for putting up the friends and family code for facefront cosmetics, I finally was able to buy some eyeshadows yay. ^.^ hehe.
Anyway onto pix I added a picture of the hello kitty swatches, from the video i did.

Anti-Valentines Day

Ok Today is obviously Valentines Day, and by the title you guys can see that I am against this holiday, with a PASSION.
From since I was a child, I can remember myself Hating...I MEAN HATING valentines day. Since I am a psych major, I will evaluate myself for you guys.

I suppose as a child I was deprived of that male figure and craved that relationship with a male, so therefore I had my many crushes which were relentlessly embrassing. Because they were not that cute, I just craved that attachment to some male figure, and if any one of the male species even touched me, I developed an instant crush. Pathetic huh. Since I was "relentlessly" Put down by all of these men, and I have been hurt by many men, including my past love, I have developed a... complex I guess I could say. And this complex has lead me to hate every thing about love. ^.^

Yes that is my problem I hate love because of all the shit men have put me through within my life. ANd many of you are thinking, girl you are young, yea I am... But I guarantee you I have gone through much more than half of you have within my 20 years of life. First of all lets not even go into pain. My pain tolerance is in the roof, I have had random pain all my life, the reason I shall not get into now. Spontaneous, this is what my life goes by. Spontaneous love, Spontaneous pain, etc. etc. Ugh Life... pathetic, but without these spontaneous shit, it wouldn't be an interesting life now wouldn't it.

Well why my title, Anti-Valentine's Day...DO not get my wrong, Love is love and if you are in love then more power to you. As you can see from my post about my ex, I was IN LOVE, and when I was in that state it was the most beautiful thing in my life at the time. ANd I would die for that feeling again, it was better than my thoughts of heaven. It was my heaven, being in his arms at night was my heaven, him kissing me was my heaven, him on top of me was heaven for me. But it all came crashing down, and I am in purgatory, a lesson learned. But if anyone feels like they are in love, then hey..Im happy for you. And I hope you have that feeling for the rest of your life. It's the greatest feeling in the world.
This is not Anti Valentines Day, to be bashing love completely, even though I have had my problems with it. This is just to bash the day itself, the day that marketing geniuses make their cash load off of some poor guy that just wants to get laid. So he buys his girlfriend of one month a box of chocolates and some roses and then boom there he goes he's got a whole night to prove how good he is in bed. ^.^ This day is just a marketing ploy, just to get people's money. Have we forgot the real reason of valentines day. Have we forgotten the history behind this bloody day?

A little history lesson
This day was originally a pagan holiday that was renamed by two christian martyrs named Valentine, hence Saint Valentines day.
"Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine. Until 1969, the Catholic Church formally recognized eleven Valentine's Days.The Valentines honored on February 14 are Valentine of Rome (Valentinus presb. m. Romae) and Valentine of Terni (Valentinus ep. Interamnensis m. Romae). Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome who suffered martyrdom about AD 269 and was buried on the Via Flaminia. His relics are at the Church of Saint Praxed in Rome. and at Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland.
Valentine of Terni became bishop of Interamna (modern Terni) about AD 197 and is said to have been killed during the persecution of Emperor Aurelian. He is also buried on the Via Flaminia, but in a different location than Valentine of Rome. His relics are at the Basilica of Saint Valentine in Terni (Basilica di San Valentino).
The Catholic Encyclopedia also speaks of a third saint named Valentine who was mentioned in early martyrologies under date of February 14. He was martyred in Africa with a number of companions, but nothing more is known about him.
No romantic elements are present in the original early medieval biographies of either of these martyrs. By the time a Saint Valentine became linked to romance in the fourteenth century, distinctions between Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni were utterly lost."- Wikipedia

Martyrs yet we treat this holiday like one big greeting card. It's so much more than that, but we're blinded by the ambitions of the greeting card companies and the florists. Oh buy 2 dozen roses she is sure to bed you tonight. No...
If a guy were to...actually think about what he wanted to give me...or do for me, if he actually put some thought into it without rushing to the store to get a bunch of rose, then yes maybe I might fuck him... maybe. We forget, valentines day or the day of love is everyday. Why can we not profess our love everyday of the year, why do we have to do it on this one day? There is so much more to love than a hallmark greeting card, there is passion there is everything you thought you had but when you look into his eyes you realize how empty your life really was.
Love should be everyday... We should shout our love for someone every day of the goddamn year, not just this one. Not because the television tells us so.
So yes Anti-Valentines Day, its a movement, join if you want to lol. I welcome any and everyone. lolol. But seriously...tell the one you love, that you love them everyday not just this damn bloody day.


Hello my lovelys. ok Update, Im posting a video later today, or this morning whatever lol. But it'll be out today. It is an update video, on something that happened. And what the situation entails is that this guy "nycSpiderman" Stole my Dark Knight digital copy. Now alot of people may think this is petty, especially since I am so livid. But I have my reasons,
1. It was mine
2. I brought it
3. He had no right to

See, so many reasons, but the piece of shit (excuse my french) chose to steal MY code, WAHT THE FUCK man.
So I reported him, not only to itunes but warner brothers as well.
The whole reason I'm mad is because you try to do something nice for people, and there is always that one person out of the bunch that has to be an EVIL little fucker. I cursed him out so bad the other day, and then my ex lover, CESAR, just HAD TO fuck with me that day, he JUST had to mess with me. He has the most perfect timing to get me even more livid. And I think thats because I still love him, and he knows it so he uses it to his advantage and fucks with my emotions and mental state. So I cussed him out too. But he got the blunt of it. Which he deserved, he didn't need to push old shit in my face, he lucky I didnt tell him to fuck his whoring bitch. (I curse alot -.-) But then we made up, like we always do after a fight, we make up that day....I hate it when he does that to me. He makes me so weak. Then he teases me, with things he knows I like him saying, its like when you hold candy infront of a baby, but pull it away before they grab onto it too tight. Its like, WHY did you have to tempt me then if you were going to take the damn thing away. UGH. Anyway, this weekend, I'll be doing a 5 facts about moi video. And there are some other videos coming up, like my skin care routine, my foundation routine, etc.

Later my loves.

The l/s is Big Bow from the HK collection. ^.^

MAC Hello Kitty Event

OK so its like 1:25 in the morning, I am tired, my knee hurts and I have a throbbing headache. I have to get up early manana just to go get my hair done, because I have a date with mikey boy who is now learning how to call ^.^ THANK YOU SWEETY! Good Boy!

BUTTTTT apart from the obvious fact that I am completely delusional right now and my eyes are slowly closing....
Tonight was kick arse... well technically last night hehe.

The event started at 7p.m. there was a long ass line, Me and my mum got there at 5:30, we were the very first ones. Went in the store and the guy told us to come back at 7. SO we went to eat at this local soho bar/restaurant right down the block from the apple storeee (WHERE stalker boy works)

So we ate, the food was aMazing! came back, long ass line, I was like what the F. SO we went to the middle of the line, which was about two stores down. And guess who I met...DRBrooklyn, she is so pretty and so nice.
So we all went in the store, and...That store was like...crammed. PACKED like a can of tuna fish. No air to breathe. People pushed, shoved, kicked, and even was so nosy to be dead on in front of you looking at your reciept with you...again people...WHAT THE F!

But apart from that, it was such fun, they served pink lemonade with vodka...OoOoO VODKAAAAA. Love the vodka, hmm Im guessing....Smirnoff. hehehe.
So good thing I prepared my list like before I left my house, All I had to do was check off the list on the little pink slip thing. Guess what, ugh...They did not have the beauty powders on the slip so I didnt get to get mad. But I'll just order them. Aw well. lol.

The event was fun fun fun, I drank drank drank lol. Yeaaa thats me. And now I leave you with pics and I shall depart I will tell you about my date manana....OoO sexy. hahah. I'm so twisted.