Another Monday

Ugh, sorry have not been persistent with my blog. Been going through quite a bit lately, trying to stay alive... that's all I can do right now. Been sick as hell. Was in the hospital for a bit, came out now I'm totally euphoric 24/7. And then, just because of my shitty luck, I sprained my ankle and fucked up my arm. Lmao. Luckyyyy. Lolol But Im alive, its the best I can hope for. Anyway, updates :

Ordered some stuf from Mac and ACW.
I am in love with ACW, ( BUTTTT, I need to contact them because of a dazzleglass, I received. Rue de Rouge, its from the euroistricrats collection, thats coming in July I think. It looks used. There's product all over the stopper, and the new brushes are stiff and hard... this one was not. It was used. So this is the only problem I have found with ACW. Otherwise it's a pretty damn good site. Especially for brushes.

Right now watching Street Kings, love that movie.
You guys can catch me on Twitter, I'm mostly on there it seems now a days. I try to avoid Myspace as much as possible, because I'll always end up ... crying and it's this whole mess, I get pissy, etc. etc.