Style Black Obsession

Hi my lovelys,
My collection has arrived... *the angels sing*
I am in lo
ve...lust and everything else a person could possibly feel in terms of adoration for this collection. I love HK (hello kitty) but this is pretty cool as well.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator **
Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask*
Nail Polishes- Nocturnelle, Baby Goth Girl**
, Seriously Hip**
Black Knight Lipstick*
Midnight Media Mattene

Night Violet Mattene*
Young Punk*
Gilt By Association
Blue Flame*
214 brus
Penultimate Liner**
Greasepaint stick (black)*
Smolder liner
Glimmergloss: Blackware*, Bling Black, Blackfire*
(items with {*} are items I purchased. Items with {**} are items I want)

Right now I'm ordering Seriously hip nail lacquer along with some of the other things, but I'm still waiting for the exfoliator to come back and baby goth girl nail lacquer. I'm also getting some dazzlecremes they are sooo pretty. I love Creme Allure.
It's been awhile since I did a blog post, I should try to do these more often...lets see how long it lasts lol.
Muahs my lovelys.
*double xoxo*