Some Looks for you guys.

Hey guys, sorry for the non-posting. I haven't been paying much attention to my blog. Been so tired lately. But anyway updates on life...

I got my Rose Romance collection. YAY, I just ordered it. I got Mutiny pigment, since I already have Circa plum. one of the eyeshadows, one of the beauty powders, hmmm and cant remember the rest. But I will post pix when it comes in. ^.^

I have a stalker, who is annoying and a flaming vaginal area that cannot even spell, doesnt know shit about history and... yea he's the dumbest dude I've ever met.

I hate being played with, and men I know do that... all the fucking time. Every man plays with me. Constantly. Fucking a-holes. Men need to Stop with the flip flopping. One minute its, Omg I totally wanna f*** you. Then the next its, I dont want you, If I was single then we would totally Do shit together.... THen when  they are alone again...its-- Fuck I am so hard I want you to get on your knees. WHAT THE HELL MAN! I'm not a toy. I have feelings, and Im not made out of plastic. i want kisses, I want flowers... Fuck flowers I can just be happy with  holding my hand. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Next every man I seem to meet, either A. Wants me to be their whore. Or B. Likes to dress up in womens underwear and wants a dildo up their asses. Hey I dont discriminate, do what you like. But, don't try to get with me while your doing it.

And Ive been depressed like crazy, why. Cause the image of some people... keeps popping into my fucking head. And I want to jump out a window. Sometimes I dont even realize how much I love, i fall hard. IT sucks. -sighs- whatever.

ANyway, Ive been doing some looks with Natasha and myself. Hope you guys like ^.^ There shall be more to come.