Update: Why I've not been posting

Hey guys, this is a update... as you can tell from the title. 
I've been away for a while, from the posting. But you guys can still follow me in twitter. I post on there almost everyday.
Been sick, eck. Story goes: Dentist did a root canal five years ago, last week friday I found out from my new dentist, who is a godsend. That this ex-dentist did the said root canal "HALF WAY".

My face was completely and utterly swollen. SWOLLEN!!!!!
My eye was swollen, my cheek was swollen, and to top it off I was in AGONY. Guess what I had an infection, do to this half done root canal. Thats the story.

Can you imagine how pissed and in pain I am???
Yea... tears man tearsss.

Anyways. I was in the hospital on the weekend, and this... I SWEAR she is an intern, dentist chick... She tortured me. TORTURED. My face went down a bit, but not completely. And the area where this woman cut me, and stabbed me and tortured me, yea.. Im scarred... emotionally and physically. LUCKY me. In so much painn..

My dream doctor, gave me diff meds, and took me off the vicodin. And it's helping, thank you god. He's my savior.

I have a tag to do, the wonderful Jodi, tagged me for the things I love and hate, in the beauty world. SO I am sooo sorry my darling I havent been able to do anything but pop pills and lay in bed watching Twilight and Iron Man.

Anyway love ya guys, thank you guys so much for actually reading these. And sticking with moi. I appreciate it. MUAHSS.


My Spring Style

So I have had these reoccuring dreams, about me wearing some really cute outfits. I was always in Australia, I think that place is calling me... or stalking me. 
But I had a particular look I would wear in these dreams, and many of you may have seen some on the runways in Feb. 

I am into the jump suit. But hear me out for a second. 
I am tall... o.d. tall, almost 6 feet to be exact. And the jumpsuits, look great on taller women. For shorter ladies, you can try to pull off something close to this, I have seen it before, without making you look like you're lost in fabric. 
I say.. whatever makes you feel good... wear it. Rock it out!! 
Also, YES... I am in lovvve... With the. 

Long shirt (tunic) that you can wear as a dress. 
This is from Arden B's, both of these outfits are. I got the tunic in white. I like the contrast between my dark skin, and white over it. 
I love the asymmetrical lines. And I dont usually like asymmetrical. But this I loved. 

As for accessories. I like simple. So a nice long necklace would be nice. I'm a white gold type of girl. But I have a lot of yellow gold as well, that I'm starting to wear more. And bangles. Loving the bangles. AS well as the
One bracelet and one necklace and a pair of earrings would be fine. Not too much accessories, It would offset the simplicity of the outfit. 

And of course we can not forget... heels. HEHE. 

This is from the spring/summer Jimmy Choo collection. L<3e>

10 Honest things about me.

I got this tag from the lovely smerfette, who has an amazing blog on here. It looked like an interesting tag, so I wanted to try it out. Hope you guys enjoy. ^.^

10 honest things about me


1.)  1. I’m almost 6 feet, 5’11 to be exact, I know…way tall.

2.)  2. I love taking photographs, I am a cam whore. ^.^

3.)  3. I’m an animal lover: I’ve had two guinea pigs, three dogs, and one cat. Both guinea pigs died (Candy & Brownie), because of my evil cousin, two dogs (Rocky, Leslie) were shot from old age, I cried and never forgave my uncle, one dog I had to give away my mum hates big dogs her name was Raven a Rottweiler. And my cat is named after the infamous vampire Lestat from Anne Rice’s novel.

4.)  4. I’m addicted to caramel, and chocolate. It is my sin. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And Rice Krispies treats lol. I eat like ten a day.

5.)   5.I love to read…A LOT. I have to read at least one book a month, and even then I’m not satisfied. And I mean like paper back, hardcover, go into Barnes and nobles and pay for the damn book. ^.^

6.)   6.I’m a Caribbean girl with many backgrounds. French, Portuguese, British, & Antiguan.

7.)   7.I’m my own worst enemy, really. I beat myself up more than anyone else could.

8.)   8.I’m brutally honest.

9.)  9. I’m addicted to lingerie and cosmetics.

10. I’m a designer shoe whore. BCBG, Cole Hahn, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo’s, Coach, Prada, Steve Madden, etc. 

AI tag everyone that wants to do it. ^.^

Stylin' Tutorial Dupes

Okay so I did a tutorial today, inspired from a mac face chart, from the hello kitty collection...


Fun Fun. 

Anyway I have all the things I used listed on the video, you guys can check it out there. But for the people that want to recreate this, or want something close to the too dolly color romping and the colors from the lucky tom quad that I used, I found some very close dupes. Using the 88 shimmer palette from coastal scents hehe.
For Romping 

I know I took such bad pictures, lol, forgive me. But I'll try to explain it as best as I can. To get Romping, mix the 3rd and 4th colors from the pink section (this is the 5th row, counting from the darker eyeshadows) and the last purple color from the 4th row (the one right next to the pink section.) Swatches are at the bottom. The first pinky color is the dupe, the one next to it (2nd one) is the real color Romping... 
ok did you guys get that ? lolol The middle color is just a neater version. 
THe last two colors are stylin' & lucky tom, mixed. and the last color is the dupe. 

The colors that I am pointing to, get to you pretty close to it. It's not exact, but its close enough. Also, Top Knot (from BBR collection) is very close as well.
Ok I hope that wasn't...too confusing if it was, I am so sorry lmao. 
If you guys have any questions please ask. I like reading your comments and questions. ^.^ 
Luv ya guys. 

Tell me if you like the look ^.^

Skin Care: Vol. 2

This post is going to be on dry skin. 
Now we all kn
ow someone with dry skin, they are one of the few lucky ones. They hardly get pimples and we envy them. But they are not the holy grail of skin texture, if not treated and taken care of properly, their skin can look like a dry fleshy mess. Sorry for being so blunt. 
But like I have started before. Moisturizing is a saint. 
Think of your skin like a it will soak up whatever you put on it. if you put grease (i.e. petroleum jelly) it will soak that up, and you might break out. (My grandma used vaseline daily and NEVER had a I do
nt know, maybe it's a miracle cream for some) If you put water, it will absorb that...if you put the right moisture it will absorb that too. It'll just suck it up like a sponge. But if you just put water...and leave it there...eventually it will be hard and crusty and you'll have to wet it again to get it moving. See where I'm going. ^.^

Good skin care is a must...It is essential and should be come apart of your daily routine. Our skin is the largest organ on our why not treat it well. We would want to treat out hearts well, by eating the right things such as fruits, veggies, etc. We would cut out smoking to protect our lungs. So why not do all the same things for our skin? 

There are many different types of moisturizers for your said skin type. The one I use is for sensitive & combination type skin. Although my friend, who has dry skin, uses the same and it works well for her. 

Dry/Extra Dry skin
Characteristics: Feels tight after washing
May look dry or flaky
Feels rough and uneven; dehydrated
May be sensitive
Pores are small- almost invisible (LUCKY) llol 
Show fine lines faster than other skin types

How to care for dry skin: 
First Lifestyle- Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Think of your body as a car, it needs fuel in order to run or else it will die out on you and not ever move until you fill it up. Eat your fruits and veggies, these are high in water content, so in other words your putting back water into your skin. What ever you put in your mouth, your skin eats up too. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol (even though I LOVE it) cause dehydration, hence why you see that girl at the bar drinking up double the water to the cosmos she intakes. This helps with the tipsy-ness and also puts back hydration into your body since the alcohol takes that out. And I know, we LOVE our about drinking less of your usual eight cups a day and just drink one in the morning, in of course your favorite mug, and then the rest of the day drink lots of water, this will do the same as with the alcohol technique. Your rehydrating your body, an important step in your skin care regimen. 
Use richer cleansers, this will add moisture to your skin, this is not intended for oily based skins...BIG no no. Limiting sun exposure: the sun is hot, heat dries up moisture, it evaporates remember in science class back in elementary school when they were teaching us about evaporation. Well its the same concept with your skin. Sunscreen is importante. Night creams with alpha hydroxy acids can help remove dry dead skin, but moisture the new healthier skin cells. Instead of using the Air conditioner , think about a humidifier, this puts moisture back into the air. 

How do you know if you have dry skin? 

When your done washing your face, do not moisturize just yet. But look into the mirror, and feel the texture of your skin, if it is flaky then you have dry skin. If it feels tight, then you have dry skin. 

Next skin care blog will be about Skin care basics and how you change your lifestyle, to improve your skin. 
Muah my loves 

Amelia Wynter

Skin Care: Vol. 1

Now, I know I havent spoken about any skincare routine or anything relating to that topic...since I started this weird blog of mine ^.^ 
But I think it's time to start.
Skin care for moi, has been a battle for the longest time, up until the last 3 years. Before that, I was an acne prone petri dish. ECK. I had mega bumps and pimples and blemishes galor. When I was in high school, not many of my friends had acne, so I felt like the odd ball. With an ugly face.  -.- (tear) But... my mother was not giving up on my face, even if I already did. So I went to a dermatologist, the holy grail of face geniuses. My doctor (my godsent angel), looked at me and prescribed some medication. Differin. ANd as soon as I used it, I saw and felt a difference. In about 2 weeks, the pimples started to disappear and die down. And here I am today. 



My routine is fairly simple. I wash my face twice a day sometimes three, depending on the day and if I'm in the city doing a job. 
I use an Avon cleanser, but Im looking to switch. Its a gentle cleanser. I use a toner also from avon, and a mask...I do not use the toner when I use the mask. I use the mask once or twice a week depending on my mood. And I use a Mosturizer. But something has changed, and I've been using this since September. Mac's fix +... I dont know what is in it. But whatever it is. It is amazing. Lets just say I dont need differin anymore. hhaha. So I spray that on my face after I tone, and then I moisturize.  Fun Fun So...

Now as I've said before I am an advocate for moisturizing. I command it, yes I do. I do not care if you have the oiliest face on the block, there's a moisturizer for you. 

I'll be making these weekly. Discussing the different types of faces, what products to use, etc. It should be fun. ^.^