First blog ^.^

Yay, finally I have one of these things. I'm usually on myspace, so I pretty much distant from anything else. Myspace has spoiled me over the years. SO yEa. My name is Amelia...^.^ I'm a model/author. I have a new found obsession with makeup. Like...obsession...seriously. Umm... I'm addicted to the sims...HEY I have very few pleasures in this life of mine, I need all I can get. I have a broken heart, sooo yea...I'm pretty much pissy and bitchy this year. Do not get surprised of you read some depressing blogs, and stuff. So yea. After this post, I'll post a Haul...YES I went crazy people, Crazy. I brought a bunch of crap, Some of which I can not even remember. Lol. Umm, what else. lala, that's all I can think of right now lol. Oh I got the new Apartment Life Expansion pack, which I loveee. So yea. That is about all. I will be posting pix and such. So yea. Toddles.