New Youtube Account?

Hey guys, yea thats right... I might be creating a new youtube account.
The reasons as to why I shall explain...
On my last youtube video I put up a song by Kaskade. If you guys watch alot of videos on youtube, then you have watched michelle. And she ALWAYS has music in her videos, especially Kaskade and other electronic type artists. So... in one or two videos of hers she has Kaskade's -4 a.m. That song and Imagination are the songs I used on my page, all of a sudden youtube has a problem... wth? So I dont know whats up with that, I'm actually mad because michelle can put whatever songs she wants on her videos but everyone else can't wtf is that youtube??? Ugh... whatever

So since youtube always complains about my music on my videos, i decided to start over with a new account and I'll be putting up some of my old videos that are on my current account. SO I'll be doing an offical video explaining all of this, hopefully all my subbers will just hop on over to my new place. lol

I'm going on a cruise with my mummy, I'll be doing a daily look for you guys so this will be the perfect time for all of this.

Finally a new post in like FOREVERRRR. lolol. YAY, I'll try my best to update you guys.


Sugar Bunnie said...

you have to get permission from the record company to use the songs, or you might get sued.

oxmalignkissesxo said...

She doesnt have permission from Kaskade, but yet she uses their songs. Sorry but I see some type of problem there. This guy on youtube said it best, why is it that she is allowed to have songs but the rest of us cant... hmm

Sugar Bunnie said...

I just remember youtube sucks. they only allow some people to do what ever they want.