Collective Haul

Just finished my haul video. I finally reviewed some products that I was supposed to review a whilllle ago. I.E. eyeko products. ( and my coastal scents palette. I am so angry because two of my shadows keep falling out, how crappy is that.
But anyway my haul, I got some stuff from mac, sephora, etc. from december and some earlier this month. Loving nars, SOOO loving nars. It is my new obsession which is bad because my wallet is crying right now. Vincent longo is soooo nice, I just used the eye souffle today so nice and soft I lovee it. I am so sad that sephora is discontinuing it, ugh. Don't you hate it when you find a product you really like and then they discontinue it.
Also update: Starting to collect mac shadows finally. I'll be going to get my 15 palette later this week. I ordered some stuff from the brunette blond redhead collection, can't wait to get it YAY. And I'm still waiting for my stuff from the friends and family sale. Ugh, my order is still pending, so mad.But whatever. Im getting my mac laptop...YAYYYYYYYY. Omg I cant wait, finally I've been waiting for this computer for the past 3 or 4 years.
What elseeeee. Got some nail polishes today, all purple. I didn't realize that they were all in the purple family until after the fact lmao. But they are sooo purttyyy. I show them in my video.

I start school back up again, Im a psych major so much fun. I love playing with peoples minds. At first I was studying for marketing a business degree but then I took a psych class and I fell in love.

Also...cesar mora...ugh the former love of my life. Has not spoken to me in over a week I am so pissed off I want to hurt him ugh I hate him, but I love him so much. BAstARD! I hope he reads this, I know he looks at my myspace.

At first my vincent longo foundation looked a bit light, but it fits me. And it is soooo smooth, Sephora has no more though...ughh. sucks.

Some looks- I did natashas makeup I'll put up a pic. For a x mas party, You guys can check out myfacebook (Amelya Wynter){I realllly hare face book. I think its complicated and stupid, but I have one anyway lmao} for some looks I did on my friend mari as well. And I did a copper look on myself as well.

Im all over the place right now, but yeaaaa lol. Im a bit weird. But anyway LOVE ya my lovelys. Muahsssz. ^.^


TML <3 said...

Really pretty blogdesign, spescial the header with flowers! Have you made it yourself? If u have, would you like to help me? :-D

TML <3 said...

I feel in love with sodas, icecreams and stuff that they no longer sell, baaah... :P