Major Mac Haulage

Hey guys.
Guess what?
I finally got my mac, no not the makeup. Even though I am about to do some major damage to my wallet because of the horrible example for men I have in my life, and shopping seems to be my only coping mechanism at the point, (Isn't that just sad)
But I got my apple macbook, YAY. Finally. I will have pictures up soon. BUT...HELP.
I have a wireless router, but I brought it a while ago, and the brand is Linksys, or however you spell it. And that seems to be working....I thinkkkk. RIght now I have to borrow my neighbors wireless signal, THANK YOU who ever you are. MY pc is not connecting to the internet at all. I have had this problem before, where it recognizes that there is a signal, but it doesn't do anything with it. And its like a 2 year old child. It refuses to sign on. Pathetic. But I still love my pc, I play my sims on it. (So random- WHO is getting the SIMS3 MEEEE. I can not waitttt. ^.^) So my pc is just there no internet activity, and I was on the phone with verizon for HOURS, they did nothing to help me. Instead the man just had me going around in circles.
So if anyone knows what I should do, please, please, please help me. I don't know if I should get the apple wireless router or if i should ask verizon for the router and the modem the one that comes together. Maybe that will work, no idea. But yea. Also About my purchase
I got:
MY 13-inch macbook
apple remote
apple protection plan
Speck satin hard snap on cover (purple) {I LOVE this, its soooo pretttty}
Free all in one printer

I wanted the wireless printer but they ran out of that one unfortunatly, but I'm happy with what I have. I've been waiting for a mac for years. And if I tell you the stories of the guys that I was going out with that said Oh they were going to get it for it, they were all full of SHIT, and guess what I brought it on my own. So FUCK MEN. ALL OF THEM. even the one I went out with recently, that I happened to really really like, but he cant seem to text back as if its that hard. I'm just pissed he took one of my damn pills, and I didnt CHARGE HIM, the bastard. He is soo lucky I'm a nice person and I don't do those things. If he did that to some of the people on my block, he would be fucked up by now.
But that is my haul my loves, so no pics right now, I'm just trying to set up everything. Oh and I got my student discount YAY, even though it wasn't that much, I only got like $45 off of the macbook and $66 off of the protection plan. Wth is that, but every little counts as they say.

If anyone knows how to solve that router wireless problem, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let a girl know. Love you guys.


TML <3 said...

Oh, thanks, kind of you =) I wish i new how to do html, but i dont. I went media before, but i never understood it, I was more in love with photografing, illustration, photoshop and so on.. I want butterflies and flowers on my background, but have nooo idea how too! haha.

Is cover girl almost the same product? We dont have covergirl were I live.. so not really heard about it before! Anyway, if it is, then its good your not allergic to Maybellines product :) Maybe I will try obvious imitation, never heard about that one eighter, I will check up pictures on google in 1 sec ;-)

My internet is the same! When i am in my bedroom it is always going on and of, and i have linksys too! Haha. I think i am going to install Sims again too, loved playing before.. Or i loved making the houses! But than i will be sitting even more with the computer which i shouldnt at the first point.

Sorry to hear about the boy u liked by the way, I hate these kind of people! But right now im acctually very happy with a boy, even though he lives in germany and i in norway! Baaah... :P

TML <3 said...

wow, that was a long answer!

Chrysee. said...

oooo lucky you. have fun with your new mac =)

TML <3 said...

Kindof, couse now i now its gel i need, haha! Do you know if u can buy gel and make it at home?

Princess Katrina said...

L U C K Y ! You get to go MAC shopping! Im jelly! (jealous)