New Year

Hey guys, I hope your new year has been a good one thus far, and I wish everyone the very best for the months to come.


My new year resolution is to be successful, get a boyfriend lol a wealthy one, have fun, be more organized, try not to be depressed as much, and let things go such as the fact that the man I love broke my heart and is sleeping with his fucking whore everyday...yeaaaa I'm working on it.

But O.m.g. do i have some MAJOR haulage. From sephora & mac, and Im thinking about getting at least 2 facefront shaodows.
Only one package from sephora came, mac will be here on monday and hopefully the other one from sephora tues. But yay. I can not wait till the hello kitty collection comes out. I will be looking at that mac site the entire day that collection is supposed to come out, and if I'm not mistaken its the 10th of Feb. Yay. I'm getting quiet a bit from it. I'll post up some links of the collection. SOOO purrty.
I'm gettingg:
3 Lipsticks
4 lipglasses
tinted lip conditioner
both quads
2 glitter eyeliners
2 beauty powders
2 blushes
2 pigments
1 nailpolish (grey one)
both kouture dazzleglasses
1 mystery beauty powder
and Yes even the lashes.

Sooo yea that's quite a bit lmao.

I'll be posting up pictures of my haul when it all comes and a video. I have alot of videos to do. The rest of my dark Knight videos, tag, haul, etc. etc.