My Spring Style

So I have had these reoccuring dreams, about me wearing some really cute outfits. I was always in Australia, I think that place is calling me... or stalking me. 
But I had a particular look I would wear in these dreams, and many of you may have seen some on the runways in Feb. 

I am into the jump suit. But hear me out for a second. 
I am tall... o.d. tall, almost 6 feet to be exact. And the jumpsuits, look great on taller women. For shorter ladies, you can try to pull off something close to this, I have seen it before, without making you look like you're lost in fabric. 
I say.. whatever makes you feel good... wear it. Rock it out!! 
Also, YES... I am in lovvve... With the. 

Long shirt (tunic) that you can wear as a dress. 
This is from Arden B's, both of these outfits are. I got the tunic in white. I like the contrast between my dark skin, and white over it. 
I love the asymmetrical lines. And I dont usually like asymmetrical. But this I loved. 

As for accessories. I like simple. So a nice long necklace would be nice. I'm a white gold type of girl. But I have a lot of yellow gold as well, that I'm starting to wear more. And bangles. Loving the bangles. AS well as the
One bracelet and one necklace and a pair of earrings would be fine. Not too much accessories, It would offset the simplicity of the outfit. 

And of course we can not forget... heels. HEHE. 

This is from the spring/summer Jimmy Choo collection. L<3e>