Stylin' Tutorial Dupes

Okay so I did a tutorial today, inspired from a mac face chart, from the hello kitty collection...


Fun Fun. 

Anyway I have all the things I used listed on the video, you guys can check it out there. But for the people that want to recreate this, or want something close to the too dolly color romping and the colors from the lucky tom quad that I used, I found some very close dupes. Using the 88 shimmer palette from coastal scents hehe.
For Romping 

I know I took such bad pictures, lol, forgive me. But I'll try to explain it as best as I can. To get Romping, mix the 3rd and 4th colors from the pink section (this is the 5th row, counting from the darker eyeshadows) and the last purple color from the 4th row (the one right next to the pink section.) Swatches are at the bottom. The first pinky color is the dupe, the one next to it (2nd one) is the real color Romping... 
ok did you guys get that ? lolol The middle color is just a neater version. 
THe last two colors are stylin' & lucky tom, mixed. and the last color is the dupe. 

The colors that I am pointing to, get to you pretty close to it. It's not exact, but its close enough. Also, Top Knot (from BBR collection) is very close as well.
Ok I hope that wasn't...too confusing if it was, I am so sorry lmao. 
If you guys have any questions please ask. I like reading your comments and questions. ^.^ 
Luv ya guys. 

Tell me if you like the look ^.^


Rai said...

Nice look.