Update: Why I've not been posting

Hey guys, this is a update... as you can tell from the title. 
I've been away for a while, from the posting. But you guys can still follow me in twitter. I post on there almost everyday.
Been sick, eck. Story goes: Dentist did a root canal five years ago, last week friday I found out from my new dentist, who is a godsend. That this ex-dentist did the said root canal "HALF WAY".

My face was completely and utterly swollen. SWOLLEN!!!!!
My eye was swollen, my cheek was swollen, and to top it off I was in AGONY. Guess what I had an infection, do to this half done root canal. Thats the story.

Can you imagine how pissed and in pain I am???
Yea... tears man tearsss.

Anyways. I was in the hospital on the weekend, and this... I SWEAR she is an intern, dentist chick... She tortured me. TORTURED. My face went down a bit, but not completely. And the area where this woman cut me, and stabbed me and tortured me, yea.. Im scarred... emotionally and physically. LUCKY me. In so much painn..

My dream doctor, gave me diff meds, and took me off the vicodin. And it's helping, thank you god. He's my savior.

I have a tag to do, the wonderful Jodi, tagged me for the things I love and hate, in the beauty world. SO I am sooo sorry my darling I havent been able to do anything but pop pills and lay in bed watching Twilight and Iron Man.

Anyway love ya guys, thank you guys so much for actually reading these. And sticking with moi. I appreciate it. MUAHSS.