Retail Therapy...

Past few weeks I have been bad, I have brought so much crap lol not even funny. Makeup, coach bags, bcbg outfits, etc. It helps the first few minutes but then you pay for it later. SO its temporary relief then the madness comes again lol.

THe upcoming fall mac collections sound freaking fantastic. Omg I can't wait for the 24th, the black collection comes out. With black lipstick black lipgloss, etc. And then theres the mac make up art cosmetics collection, looks awesome. So much money to spend lmao. Can't wait. hehe.

Guys, guys, guys. drama drama drama. Men are so full of it sometimes. So I've been going out with this guy for a few weeks now. I like him, he likes me... alot. It's cool, he wants to call me his gf, So Im like cool. lol yay. He's nice, sweet. He's consistent with the feelings unlike any other guy Ive liked. He doesn't change on me, well at least NOT YET. I only date older men so yeaa. But with other men, drama galore. Mike has this thing that he thinks I want to be his woman. I dont. Not in my lifetime. He has his problems, God only knows I have my fucked up shit. I realllly do not need someone that has more problems than me, I'll end up going over the bridge.

My cat is evil sometimes, but he looks like an angle when he sleeps lol.

OoO I can't wait till I go on vaca lol. I'm going to Vegas, St. Croix, and probably Aus. like around the end of summer, early fall. YAY. Depends on how everything pans out, my friend natasha is coming with me to Aus. And Amanda and steph and Maricon are going to vegas. My mum and me are going to santa cruz (st. croix). YAY. heh
That's it for now, luv ya guys. Peace.

xoxo Amelia