R.I.P. Michael Jackson : Short tribute on my blog

I'm still shocked. Michael was an idol, my idol and many of my friends would say the same thing. He will be missed tremendously.
I found out when it was still speculation, my mum and I was listening on 1010wins, and they said TMZ reported that he was dead first. He basically had cardiac arrest, then they claimed he was in a coma, then they confirmed his passing.
He was... Michael, I mean what can you say. All these wannabe new comers, want to be him, and we're inspired by him, but they can never be Michael. He was our modern day Hendrix for the pop world.
Life is so short... you never know. You have to live each day as your last. And people need to stop hurting people and just appreciate one another, no one knows when our time will come. In the end, money and fame and all of that doesn't matter.
I know I will miss him, and I know many others will as well. May his soul rest in peace.
Rest In eternal Peace Michael...
R.I.P. Farrah Fawcet...
(They are so chillin' in Heaven right now)
xoxo Amelia


jodienas said...

He will be sorely missed by millions and his music will live forever. R.I.P MJ xoxo lovely tribute hun