Smokey EyE tutorial.

I was trying to upload this whole, & it wouldnt work. So I guess that pushed me to edit it. And guess what,...I learned how too YAY lol. Well, I can't take all the credit, my ex Ces taught me how. He's good for something I guess. The editing is a little choppy in my opinion, but it's my first video with imovie so yea be nice lol.

I'll be doing a request video manana. YAY i finally got a request. Anyone else that has a request, just leave a commi on my page or my youtube ^.^ yay. loll

Luv ya guys.

Smokey EyE Tutorial

I did a vid. this morning of me doing my makeup, I have noooo Idea how to edit this in imovie, If anyone knows how to do that...Can you please tell me, I would appreciate it. ^.^ Thank youuuuu.

Random shit :

Here's a pic of me and my ex (the love of mi life, bastard_) The birds were are babies lol.

Fun Fun

So I went out with my friend Amanda today, we went to Applebees. And all I have to say is "ONLY ME" seriously. We went with her friend Priscilla, I call her prissy, and prissy has a kid a little girl about 2 years old. Now this little girl was pretty much unruly, and all me and Amanda kept saying was hit her. We don't mean beat her to a bloody pulp, no I'm against abusing your children. But I do believe in discipline. Hit her on the hand, let her know not to do that. WHen I was a kid I COULD not misbehave outside, COULD NOT. So the little girl was next to me, and shes so cute and so sweet, but....rude! Guess what she does, she pulls my soda down on my lap. THE ENTIRE THING, spills on my lap. Ice and all. I was soooo pissed, but I kept thinking shes only a kid, I mean what can you do. But, ME and the cold do not mix. So me being soaking wet and going outside in the freezing cold, that's not good for me. At all. I can get really fucking sick by that, and not like normal people sneezing or coughing cold. I mean hospital I have to be hooked up to a monitor sick. That is how bad I get, so as soon as I get home I have to take my morphine some tylenol and a half an hour later an ibuprofen my 600mgs. If I want to get up tomorrow, I had to take my "I aint getting sick" cocktail.
So anyway me and Amanda are in my house and I do her makeup, she wanted a really dark smokey eye. SO I gave her a really dark smokey eye. Which she loved, ^.^ I have pics.

On another note... Men are such liars. A guy named Mike, that I went out with about twice, whom I am attracted too and vice versa said he was going to call me because he's been lacking in the communication department majorly. He's a photographer for the NY times, so he's super busy. This I get and I understand, but even the busiest of individuals find the time to make time for other people, especially if they want you know what. So My question is....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MEN!!! I really do not get it. I dont get it. How freaking hard is text? You can not text a couple of letters? Really...damn. I mean I take time out of my life out of my busy reaking schedule for YOU, and you can't at least text. So fucked up..UGH I hate men. But yea, I needed to rant.

Mac & The American Red Cross

Hey guys, This entry is for my social vibe. I just created one, for The American Red Cross. MY sponsor is MAC, you guys should sign up. It is a great cause. ^.^

Major Mac Haulage

Hey guys.
Guess what?
I finally got my mac, no not the makeup. Even though I am about to do some major damage to my wallet because of the horrible example for men I have in my life, and shopping seems to be my only coping mechanism at the point, (Isn't that just sad)
But I got my apple macbook, YAY. Finally. I will have pictures up soon. BUT...HELP.
I have a wireless router, but I brought it a while ago, and the brand is Linksys, or however you spell it. And that seems to be working....I thinkkkk. RIght now I have to borrow my neighbors wireless signal, THANK YOU who ever you are. MY pc is not connecting to the internet at all. I have had this problem before, where it recognizes that there is a signal, but it doesn't do anything with it. And its like a 2 year old child. It refuses to sign on. Pathetic. But I still love my pc, I play my sims on it. (So random- WHO is getting the SIMS3 MEEEE. I can not waitttt. ^.^) So my pc is just there no internet activity, and I was on the phone with verizon for HOURS, they did nothing to help me. Instead the man just had me going around in circles.
So if anyone knows what I should do, please, please, please help me. I don't know if I should get the apple wireless router or if i should ask verizon for the router and the modem the one that comes together. Maybe that will work, no idea. But yea. Also About my purchase
I got:
MY 13-inch macbook
apple remote
apple protection plan
Speck satin hard snap on cover (purple) {I LOVE this, its soooo pretttty}
Free all in one printer

I wanted the wireless printer but they ran out of that one unfortunatly, but I'm happy with what I have. I've been waiting for a mac for years. And if I tell you the stories of the guys that I was going out with that said Oh they were going to get it for it, they were all full of SHIT, and guess what I brought it on my own. So FUCK MEN. ALL OF THEM. even the one I went out with recently, that I happened to really really like, but he cant seem to text back as if its that hard. I'm just pissed he took one of my damn pills, and I didnt CHARGE HIM, the bastard. He is soo lucky I'm a nice person and I don't do those things. If he did that to some of the people on my block, he would be fucked up by now.
But that is my haul my loves, so no pics right now, I'm just trying to set up everything. Oh and I got my student discount YAY, even though it wasn't that much, I only got like $45 off of the macbook and $66 off of the protection plan. Wth is that, but every little counts as they say.

If anyone knows how to solve that router wireless problem, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let a girl know. Love you guys.

Collective Haul

Just finished my haul video. I finally reviewed some products that I was supposed to review a whilllle ago. I.E. eyeko products. ( and my coastal scents palette. I am so angry because two of my shadows keep falling out, how crappy is that.
But anyway my haul, I got some stuff from mac, sephora, etc. from december and some earlier this month. Loving nars, SOOO loving nars. It is my new obsession which is bad because my wallet is crying right now. Vincent longo is soooo nice, I just used the eye souffle today so nice and soft I lovee it. I am so sad that sephora is discontinuing it, ugh. Don't you hate it when you find a product you really like and then they discontinue it.
Also update: Starting to collect mac shadows finally. I'll be going to get my 15 palette later this week. I ordered some stuff from the brunette blond redhead collection, can't wait to get it YAY. And I'm still waiting for my stuff from the friends and family sale. Ugh, my order is still pending, so mad.But whatever. Im getting my mac laptop...YAYYYYYYYY. Omg I cant wait, finally I've been waiting for this computer for the past 3 or 4 years.
What elseeeee. Got some nail polishes today, all purple. I didn't realize that they were all in the purple family until after the fact lmao. But they are sooo purttyyy. I show them in my video.

I start school back up again, Im a psych major so much fun. I love playing with peoples minds. At first I was studying for marketing a business degree but then I took a psych class and I fell in love.

Also...cesar mora...ugh the former love of my life. Has not spoken to me in over a week I am so pissed off I want to hurt him ugh I hate him, but I love him so much. BAstARD! I hope he reads this, I know he looks at my myspace.

At first my vincent longo foundation looked a bit light, but it fits me. And it is soooo smooth, Sephora has no more though...ughh. sucks.

Some looks- I did natashas makeup I'll put up a pic. For a x mas party, You guys can check out myfacebook (Amelya Wynter){I realllly hare face book. I think its complicated and stupid, but I have one anyway lmao} for some looks I did on my friend mari as well. And I did a copper look on myself as well.

Im all over the place right now, but yeaaaa lol. Im a bit weird. But anyway LOVE ya my lovelys. Muahsssz. ^.^

New Year

Hey guys, I hope your new year has been a good one thus far, and I wish everyone the very best for the months to come.


My new year resolution is to be successful, get a boyfriend lol a wealthy one, have fun, be more organized, try not to be depressed as much, and let things go such as the fact that the man I love broke my heart and is sleeping with his fucking whore everyday...yeaaaa I'm working on it.

But O.m.g. do i have some MAJOR haulage. From sephora & mac, and Im thinking about getting at least 2 facefront shaodows.
Only one package from sephora came, mac will be here on monday and hopefully the other one from sephora tues. But yay. I can not wait till the hello kitty collection comes out. I will be looking at that mac site the entire day that collection is supposed to come out, and if I'm not mistaken its the 10th of Feb. Yay. I'm getting quiet a bit from it. I'll post up some links of the collection. SOOO purrty.
I'm gettingg:
3 Lipsticks
4 lipglasses
tinted lip conditioner
both quads
2 glitter eyeliners
2 beauty powders
2 blushes
2 pigments
1 nailpolish (grey one)
both kouture dazzleglasses
1 mystery beauty powder
and Yes even the lashes.

Sooo yea that's quite a bit lmao.

I'll be posting up pictures of my haul when it all comes and a video. I have alot of videos to do. The rest of my dark Knight videos, tag, haul, etc. etc.