Fun Fun

So I went out with my friend Amanda today, we went to Applebees. And all I have to say is "ONLY ME" seriously. We went with her friend Priscilla, I call her prissy, and prissy has a kid a little girl about 2 years old. Now this little girl was pretty much unruly, and all me and Amanda kept saying was hit her. We don't mean beat her to a bloody pulp, no I'm against abusing your children. But I do believe in discipline. Hit her on the hand, let her know not to do that. WHen I was a kid I COULD not misbehave outside, COULD NOT. So the little girl was next to me, and shes so cute and so sweet, but....rude! Guess what she does, she pulls my soda down on my lap. THE ENTIRE THING, spills on my lap. Ice and all. I was soooo pissed, but I kept thinking shes only a kid, I mean what can you do. But, ME and the cold do not mix. So me being soaking wet and going outside in the freezing cold, that's not good for me. At all. I can get really fucking sick by that, and not like normal people sneezing or coughing cold. I mean hospital I have to be hooked up to a monitor sick. That is how bad I get, so as soon as I get home I have to take my morphine some tylenol and a half an hour later an ibuprofen my 600mgs. If I want to get up tomorrow, I had to take my "I aint getting sick" cocktail.
So anyway me and Amanda are in my house and I do her makeup, she wanted a really dark smokey eye. SO I gave her a really dark smokey eye. Which she loved, ^.^ I have pics.

On another note... Men are such liars. A guy named Mike, that I went out with about twice, whom I am attracted too and vice versa said he was going to call me because he's been lacking in the communication department majorly. He's a photographer for the NY times, so he's super busy. This I get and I understand, but even the busiest of individuals find the time to make time for other people, especially if they want you know what. So My question is....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MEN!!! I really do not get it. I dont get it. How freaking hard is text? You can not text a couple of letters? Really...damn. I mean I take time out of my life out of my busy reaking schedule for YOU, and you can't at least text. So fucked up..UGH I hate men. But yea, I needed to rant.


Sugar Bunnie said...

love your makeup in these photos
why didnt you do a what in my purse video