x-mas almost hereeee

O.m.g. Christmas is like 3 days away, God that was fast....really too fast for me.
Anyways this week, theres cleaning, cooking, and presents yay. Oh and potentially cursing out Mr. Mora. ^.^ fun fun. Anyway, Update...

Two fridays ago, It has been that long yes... lol. I did my friend Mari's makeup and hair, she looks soooo purrrttyyy. ^.^

And last week Tuesday, I think it was tuesday...was my birthday my 21st birthday, hence why I've been m.i.a. I've been drinking and doing drugs, yay fun fun lmao. House says it best..."Yes I'm an addict, No I dont have a problem. I love it lets me function." ^.^ Words I live by.

What else have I been up too...not making videos obviously, I just made one today but I dont know if I'll post it up or not.

thats all I feel like talking about today...Im sooo flipping bored. lol.


M said...

happy belated birthday :)

and happy holidays love!

M said...

no new year's eve plans just yet. i'm so last minute -_- how about you?

Mystic Sight said...

Happy New Year!!!