What I'm Using Right Now Tag

I was reading Fafinette's blog, and she had this tag, it looked fun so I figure I'd do it ^.^


Shampoo: My Hair stylist does it ^.^ lol 
She uses SOOO many different things, no IDEA

Conditioner: Leave in Conditioner 


Body Wash: Philosophy Fudge Cake Cleanser, Victoria Secrets Amber ROmance Cleanser. 

Body Lotion: V.S. Amber Romance, V.S. moorea passion fruit, peony body lotion, etc. etc. 

Body Mists: Amber Romance (hmm fav. scent maybe), Juicy Couture, V.S. Touch me gently, etc. etc.

Deodorant: Donna Karen Cashmere Mist


Makeup Remover: Baby Wipes, or Cleanser

CLeanser: Avon 

Exfoliator: Avon 

Mask: Avon, Clinque 


Primer: Smashbox (for now)

Concealer: MAc Studio Sculpt NW 45 for blemishes & Moisture cover in NW 40 or 35

Foundation: Mineralized Skinfinish NW 45, VIncent Longo Sienna, 

Powder: Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Deep Dark

Blush: X-Rocks (Neo Sci Fi), Nars Sin, HK Fun & Games, Petticoat MSF, COastal Scents, etc.

Bronzer: So Ceylon, sometimes

Highlighter: Redhead MSF & Brunette MSF & Beligh

Eyebase: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (THE BESTTTT primer in the WORLD)

Eyeshadow: Satin Taupe (lid), 100 Stokes (outer lid) Top Knot (crease) Vellum (highlight)

Eyeliner: H.i.p. cream liner

Curler: (dont need to use it)

Mascara: Mac lash prep& prime, zoom lash & collosal lash maybelline

lipstick: mac Gleam (glaze), what a do, cute-ster

Lipgloss: tendertone, nars strip tease, nico, etc

Nail varnish: OpI dark purple (forgot the color lol) 

 I tagggggg: everyone that reads my blogger ^.^

Amelia - MUAHZZ