Lucky Tom

Lucky Tom is quite pretty. It was the palette I fell in love with since I saw the photos up on specktra. Well I did my first look with it today, tomorrow I think I'll do a look with my Too Dolly quad, I finally got that one. I really like it, its pretty.
Today I went to the CCO and they had the heatherette trio 1, yay,. I missed out on that entire collection mainly because Cesar broke my heart right around that time...and I was in the hospital every week practically after that. Yes I took it hard, I dont deal well with break ups, especially after 4 years and my fucking virginity. Men...I hate them sometimes.
But apart from my ranting, I did some damage, so bad so bad. But I like the stuff I purchased. I finally got a fluidline, even though it wasn't in blacktrack, it was a fluid line none the less. And Thanks to MsChellz on youtube, I went to this website that sells mac products for a cheaper price. All They are around CCO prices, SOME of the stuff. The brushes are fairly reduced, could be lower, but hey. The lip products are really down, etc. etc. Check out the site for yourselves.
I got two brushes that I really wanted the 150 powder brush and the 168 I think it is, which is the angled contour brush. And then I got the nars holiday eyeshadow palette, and some other stuff you guys will see when it gets here. And thanks to julieg for putting up the friends and family code for facefront cosmetics, I finally was able to buy some eyeshadows yay. ^.^ hehe.
Anyway onto pix I added a picture of the hello kitty swatches, from the video i did.