Hello my lovelys. ok Update, Im posting a video later today, or this morning whatever lol. But it'll be out today. It is an update video, on something that happened. And what the situation entails is that this guy "nycSpiderman" Stole my Dark Knight digital copy. Now alot of people may think this is petty, especially since I am so livid. But I have my reasons,
1. It was mine
2. I brought it
3. He had no right to

See, so many reasons, but the piece of shit (excuse my french) chose to steal MY code, WAHT THE FUCK man.
So I reported him, not only to itunes but warner brothers as well.
The whole reason I'm mad is because you try to do something nice for people, and there is always that one person out of the bunch that has to be an EVIL little fucker. I cursed him out so bad the other day, and then my ex lover, CESAR, just HAD TO fuck with me that day, he JUST had to mess with me. He has the most perfect timing to get me even more livid. And I think thats because I still love him, and he knows it so he uses it to his advantage and fucks with my emotions and mental state. So I cussed him out too. But he got the blunt of it. Which he deserved, he didn't need to push old shit in my face, he lucky I didnt tell him to fuck his whoring bitch. (I curse alot -.-) But then we made up, like we always do after a fight, we make up that day....I hate it when he does that to me. He makes me so weak. Then he teases me, with things he knows I like him saying, its like when you hold candy infront of a baby, but pull it away before they grab onto it too tight. Its like, WHY did you have to tempt me then if you were going to take the damn thing away. UGH. Anyway, this weekend, I'll be doing a 5 facts about moi video. And there are some other videos coming up, like my skin care routine, my foundation routine, etc.

Later my loves.

The l/s is Big Bow from the HK collection. ^.^