10 Honest things about me.

I got this tag from the lovely smerfette, who has an amazing blog on here. It looked like an interesting tag, so I wanted to try it out. Hope you guys enjoy. ^.^

10 honest things about me


1.)  1. I’m almost 6 feet, 5’11 to be exact, I know…way tall.

2.)  2. I love taking photographs, I am a cam whore. ^.^

3.)  3. I’m an animal lover: I’ve had two guinea pigs, three dogs, and one cat. Both guinea pigs died (Candy & Brownie), because of my evil cousin, two dogs (Rocky, Leslie) were shot from old age, I cried and never forgave my uncle, one dog I had to give away my mum hates big dogs her name was Raven a Rottweiler. And my cat is named after the infamous vampire Lestat from Anne Rice’s novel.

4.)  4. I’m addicted to caramel, and chocolate. It is my sin. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And Rice Krispies treats lol. I eat like ten a day.

5.)   5.I love to read…A LOT. I have to read at least one book a month, and even then I’m not satisfied. And I mean like paper back, hardcover, go into Barnes and nobles and pay for the damn book. ^.^

6.)   6.I’m a Caribbean girl with many backgrounds. French, Portuguese, British, & Antiguan.

7.)   7.I’m my own worst enemy, really. I beat myself up more than anyone else could.

8.)   8.I’m brutally honest.

9.)  9. I’m addicted to lingerie and cosmetics.

10. I’m a designer shoe whore. BCBG, Cole Hahn, Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo’s, Coach, Prada, Steve Madden, etc. 

AI tag everyone that wants to do it. ^.^


M said...

OMG you're damn tall! you need to tell me when you're in the city! i'll be total midget next to you haha

yesss shoe whore! louboutin is such loveee

Sugar Bunnie said...

what, lol, you look like your about 5'6" in your videos. but I dont see it.