Skin Care: Vol. 1

Now, I know I havent spoken about any skincare routine or anything relating to that topic...since I started this weird blog of mine ^.^ 
But I think it's time to start.
Skin care for moi, has been a battle for the longest time, up until the last 3 years. Before that, I was an acne prone petri dish. ECK. I had mega bumps and pimples and blemishes galor. When I was in high school, not many of my friends had acne, so I felt like the odd ball. With an ugly face.  -.- (tear) But... my mother was not giving up on my face, even if I already did. So I went to a dermatologist, the holy grail of face geniuses. My doctor (my godsent angel), looked at me and prescribed some medication. Differin. ANd as soon as I used it, I saw and felt a difference. In about 2 weeks, the pimples started to disappear and die down. And here I am today. 



My routine is fairly simple. I wash my face twice a day sometimes three, depending on the day and if I'm in the city doing a job. 
I use an Avon cleanser, but Im looking to switch. Its a gentle cleanser. I use a toner also from avon, and a mask...I do not use the toner when I use the mask. I use the mask once or twice a week depending on my mood. And I use a Mosturizer. But something has changed, and I've been using this since September. Mac's fix +... I dont know what is in it. But whatever it is. It is amazing. Lets just say I dont need differin anymore. hhaha. So I spray that on my face after I tone, and then I moisturize.  Fun Fun So...

Now as I've said before I am an advocate for moisturizing. I command it, yes I do. I do not care if you have the oiliest face on the block, there's a moisturizer for you. 

I'll be making these weekly. Discussing the different types of faces, what products to use, etc. It should be fun. ^.^


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