Skin Care: Vol. 2

This post is going to be on dry skin. 
Now we all kn
ow someone with dry skin, they are one of the few lucky ones. They hardly get pimples and we envy them. But they are not the holy grail of skin texture, if not treated and taken care of properly, their skin can look like a dry fleshy mess. Sorry for being so blunt. 
But like I have started before. Moisturizing is a saint. 
Think of your skin like a it will soak up whatever you put on it. if you put grease (i.e. petroleum jelly) it will soak that up, and you might break out. (My grandma used vaseline daily and NEVER had a I do
nt know, maybe it's a miracle cream for some) If you put water, it will absorb that...if you put the right moisture it will absorb that too. It'll just suck it up like a sponge. But if you just put water...and leave it there...eventually it will be hard and crusty and you'll have to wet it again to get it moving. See where I'm going. ^.^

Good skin care is a must...It is essential and should be come apart of your daily routine. Our skin is the largest organ on our why not treat it well. We would want to treat out hearts well, by eating the right things such as fruits, veggies, etc. We would cut out smoking to protect our lungs. So why not do all the same things for our skin? 

There are many different types of moisturizers for your said skin type. The one I use is for sensitive & combination type skin. Although my friend, who has dry skin, uses the same and it works well for her. 

Dry/Extra Dry skin
Characteristics: Feels tight after washing
May look dry or flaky
Feels rough and uneven; dehydrated
May be sensitive
Pores are small- almost invisible (LUCKY) llol 
Show fine lines faster than other skin types

How to care for dry skin: 
First Lifestyle- Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. Think of your body as a car, it needs fuel in order to run or else it will die out on you and not ever move until you fill it up. Eat your fruits and veggies, these are high in water content, so in other words your putting back water into your skin. What ever you put in your mouth, your skin eats up too. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol (even though I LOVE it) cause dehydration, hence why you see that girl at the bar drinking up double the water to the cosmos she intakes. This helps with the tipsy-ness and also puts back hydration into your body since the alcohol takes that out. And I know, we LOVE our about drinking less of your usual eight cups a day and just drink one in the morning, in of course your favorite mug, and then the rest of the day drink lots of water, this will do the same as with the alcohol technique. Your rehydrating your body, an important step in your skin care regimen. 
Use richer cleansers, this will add moisture to your skin, this is not intended for oily based skins...BIG no no. Limiting sun exposure: the sun is hot, heat dries up moisture, it evaporates remember in science class back in elementary school when they were teaching us about evaporation. Well its the same concept with your skin. Sunscreen is importante. Night creams with alpha hydroxy acids can help remove dry dead skin, but moisture the new healthier skin cells. Instead of using the Air conditioner , think about a humidifier, this puts moisture back into the air. 

How do you know if you have dry skin? 

When your done washing your face, do not moisturize just yet. But look into the mirror, and feel the texture of your skin, if it is flaky then you have dry skin. If it feels tight, then you have dry skin. 

Next skin care blog will be about Skin care basics and how you change your lifestyle, to improve your skin. 
Muah my loves 

Amelia Wynter


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