MAC Hello Kitty Event

OK so its like 1:25 in the morning, I am tired, my knee hurts and I have a throbbing headache. I have to get up early manana just to go get my hair done, because I have a date with mikey boy who is now learning how to call ^.^ THANK YOU SWEETY! Good Boy!

BUTTTTT apart from the obvious fact that I am completely delusional right now and my eyes are slowly closing....
Tonight was kick arse... well technically last night hehe.

The event started at 7p.m. there was a long ass line, Me and my mum got there at 5:30, we were the very first ones. Went in the store and the guy told us to come back at 7. SO we went to eat at this local soho bar/restaurant right down the block from the apple storeee (WHERE stalker boy works)

So we ate, the food was aMazing! came back, long ass line, I was like what the F. SO we went to the middle of the line, which was about two stores down. And guess who I met...DRBrooklyn, she is so pretty and so nice.
So we all went in the store, and...That store was like...crammed. PACKED like a can of tuna fish. No air to breathe. People pushed, shoved, kicked, and even was so nosy to be dead on in front of you looking at your reciept with you...again people...WHAT THE F!

But apart from that, it was such fun, they served pink lemonade with vodka...OoOoO VODKAAAAA. Love the vodka, hmm Im guessing....Smirnoff. hehehe.
So good thing I prepared my list like before I left my house, All I had to do was check off the list on the little pink slip thing. Guess what, ugh...They did not have the beauty powders on the slip so I didnt get to get mad. But I'll just order them. Aw well. lol.

The event was fun fun fun, I drank drank drank lol. Yeaaa thats me. And now I leave you with pics and I shall depart I will tell you about my date manana....OoO sexy. hahah. I'm so twisted.


Yas said...

Amelia babes...just stumbled upon your blog when I was scoping out for HK pics! I just wanted to let you know how drop dead gorgeous you are. OMG. Seriously you are stunning mama. Alright...I'm gonna let you get some much needed sleep sweety. Love your blog & thanks for your sneak peek vid. muahz!

M said...

the boxes are so cute! i think i'm gonna go over there this weekend :P