Product Review: Studio Sculpt Concealer

Product: Studio Sculpt Concealer
Rating: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Quality of Product: 9/10

Price: $16.50

Pros: The packaging, the consistency, blend-able, etc.

Cons: hmm cant think of any.

Notes: At first before trying out this concealer I had negative thoughts about it, I am more of a liquid concealer user, I prefer it because it is usually not oil based. So before purchasing this I thought it may be oil based. When i received the product, the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, LOVE IT. IT is so much better than the packaging for the studio finish concealer. And Unlike the studio finish concealer, it is much softer, gel like. When you dip your brush or if your one that loves to use their fingers by all means go ahead. The consistency is what makes this a grade A product. I love it. The reason I gave it a 9/10 for quality, is because I am a liquid concealer girl, so im not sure if it is oil based or not lol. It is longwearing, it lasted all day, so that definitely made me fall even more in love. I hate concealer, or any face product for that matter that gets patchy on the skin as the day goes on. SO overall I suggest purchasing it. ^.^

I will be doing a product review each week. Next week will probably be the foundation. ^.^

LOVEE You guys 



jodienas said...

yay, this makes me want it even more. I can wait to try it! My MAC store wont be getting it for at least a month =(. Thanks Hun ^_^

TML <3 said...

sounds good!=) i have the studio finish, but it has almost dried out!! :( love the packagaing, looks like the fluidlines :p