Birthday / Holiday look

Hey guys whats up ^.^
This is my take on Lady GaGa's look in her video Poker Face. I'm totally obsessed with that song, so it's only right I would try my hand at recreating the look. I added a bit of my own touch. In the video she had mainly just a silver lid, and false lashes. I added a bit of a shimmery grey (knight- veluxe pearl) in my crease and I added no false lashes, but for my birthday I will be putting some on.

I figure this would be my first holiday look as well, It's uber cold in NY so a snowy white look is pretty cool I think. That was my whole theme for my not so anticipated birthday coming up on Dec. 16. I'm going out with the girls and I wanted a nice wintery white look, so I wanted "sugarrimmed" dazzleglass, I think it would've gone great with this look and the whole concept. And this gives off that wintery white look, especially on my dark skintone.
Tell me what you guys think, all comments are welcome, I want to know if you guys like it or even if you dont like it. Let me know ^.^ Hugs....

P.s. I am realllly not looking forward to my birthday this year. -.-


M said...

the colors really pop on your eyes! nice!