Coastal Scents Palette

Hey guys, I got the new palette from CS today, yay. The 88 shimmer matte palette. ITs sooooo pretty, but...soooo powdery.

Pros: very pigmented colors, shimmery (not over powering)
Cons: Too powdery, lots and lots of fallout, and one of the shadows came out...(how fucked up is that man.)

Overall I love the palette, but it could be better. I'm still a mac girl at heart, but I love it anyway. For the time being its a nice palette for those of us that are broke lol.

Also I received the 10 piece blush palette, those are so freakin nice. They look a whole lot better than they do in the picture. LOOOOVE them.

Pros: Very pigmented, they have both shimmery and matte.
Cons: Very small- I thought they were at least a little bigger.

I did a couple of looks with it on Natasha and myself, tell me if you guys like. ^.^


M said...

i first saw the cs palette at ricky's, you're right its much smaller than it looks online! Ricky's chars 39.95 for it wtf?!

oxmalignkissesxo said...

ok thats insane 40 bucks wow. I got both of them and two brushes for 40 bucks.