Eyeko ^.^

Hey guys, I think in the last video I posted I went on a little about some Eyeko products and a discount for you guys, which is E130. You get 15% off of your purchase for your Eyeko products. Well they sent me two products to test out, Eyeko tinted eye Cream and their infamous fat balm. I had the chance to try these two products out. And I absolute love them, now I'm honest to the core so if I hated would know. I don't play lol. But I really do like them so far.

I will update you on the eyecream by tomorrow or a week or so, I'll use it daily and tell you guys. But i did put some on, and I like the sheen it gives, it makes your skin feel soft and it gives a really nice glow.

I want the original to compare and contrast. Cherry culture has these products for $12, has these products for 5 euro, which converted in U.S. dollars comes to $6.51.


I got that from msn currency converter so yea. That is not bad at all. Cherry culture sucks, and honestly...there are better places to order from. That have better customer service, faster shipping, and cheaper buys. Don't let the .99 cent roller ball lip gloss fool you.

Pros: Cute packaging,nice glow, not overly tinted blends into your skin.

Cons: None so far...I'll post an update in a week or so.

Fatbalm (minty)

Pros: Nice minty feel, soft lips, nice iridescent pink shimmer, a good amount of product, doesn't chap lips, cute packaging.

Cons: from the pix i thought it was a "fatter" product.

So yea, get some eyeko... they are worth it. loveee it.