Elf Haul & Review

I just got my package from elf-y. Which arrived rather quickly. When I ordered from them before it took about 2 weeks, and they're in Jersey...I'm in New York...should not take that long. This time, it took a couple of days, so hopefully they are improving on their shipping.
Professional Brush Collection.
I did not purchase the entire collection which retails at $30. I did however get the Powder brush, complexion brush, angled brush, and eyeshadow "c" brush.

Powder Brush: Pros- Velvety soft, picks up color well, not too big or small. Cons- the bristles are not cut straight.

Complexion Brush- Pros- Soft, picks up color well. Cons- Sheds a little bit, flat.

Eyeshadow "c" Brush: Pros- Soft, picks up color well, distributes and packs on the color rather well. Cons-...none.

I really like this line, elf has improved upon their products. But as I've heard in various reviews the item varies. So one may be soft and one may not be, hopefully that's not the case with this. I really did enjoy trying out these brushes.

Also I received my Costco 2008 brush set, it retails at $21, that's not including tax. So go pick up yours quick. They are limited edition. The powder and the Kabuki are the stars of this brush set, they feel like fur, they are so soft it's sinful. lol.
Watch my youtube video that I uploaded, I go in detail about the Elf brushes, and tomorrow I shall upload my costco brush set review. As I am lazy and I'm hating editing, I can not wait until I get my laptop.


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