NYX Haul

'Ello, I've got a haul. Some nyx products mostly the lipsticks. I ordered them from nonpareil boutique. Love fast, better than cherry culture, so much better. And the customer service is amazing compared to...cherry culture, god do i hate them. But i have to order something from them because the dickheads could not just SIMPLY give me my money back. What do you guys think I should get? Any suggestions???

Anyway, The lipsticks, love them. I got 11 of them plus one nyx pigment and nonpareil sent me free eyelashes as a gift YAY.

I'll be doing a video on them tomorrow, talking about each one, because I did get to try out each one. Very pigmented and creamy. Love them, HATE the smell. I'm not use to my lipstick smelling like that it was weird, don't like it. I also got two of the lip glosses. I got it in Vamp red (Which I gave to my mum.) and Sand dune. They are very pigmented, But the smell is sooo bad. IT smells like lemon air freshener, I hate that. But other than that annoying little bit, they are nice. The stoppers have not come off like so many reviews I have seen, so that's good.

For the lipsticks I got: Athena, Thalia, Heather, Aphrodite (My fav. I wear it with Star Nova Luster glass)Ceto, Circe, Summer Love, Indian pink, Decadent (for my mum), Brown sugar (also for my mum) and Clio. As for the pigment I got it in silver, I wanted to do a look with it. It's very shimmery, but pretty.